'Detroit' movie stars visit Motown Museum on anniversary of riots

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jul 23, 2017

Cast members from the new film "Detroit" made a special appearance at the Motown Museum Sunday afternoon.

Leon Thomas lll, Joseph David-Jones and Algee Smith play in the movie that tells the untold story about the incident at the Algiers Motel during the 1967 riots.

Jones was recently featured in a role that dealt with racial profiling. We asked him if he thinks more roles like this will open up.

"These kind of stories are being put into a lot of projects that's coming up so I feel like I'm definitely going to be playing some version of this again but unfortunately it's a reality. So in essence it's our imitating life," David-Jones says.

We asked the cast what they want people to know about the movie Detroit

"We were praying during those scenes. We know the type of energy that it has and so like he said I hope it will educate people that don't know about the Algiers, that don't know about the riots or the rebellions or how many took place over a couple years within the United States," Smith says.

"Our main goal for this is to try and bring together a community, to try to bring empathy and understanding,” David-Jones continued.

The cast says they love the Motor City and plan on coming back soon.

"Love the music and I really love the food,” Thomas says.

Detroiters can catch the movie a week early on June 28 at the Bel-Air Luxury Cinema on 8 Mile Road or AMC Star John R 15 in Madison Heights.