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Neighborhood builds unity through creative social distancing activities

Posted at 12:45 PM, Mar 24, 2020
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On a typical day, we are running behind. Mommy sneaks in one more chore or Bronson decides that he’s not quite ready to get out of bed. But last week Thursday, March 19, was different; it’s our new different. You see, we were late getting to daycare because mommy was now doing her TV gig, live from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. This now means, Mr. Bronson, who turns 4 years-old in April, is a part of it all.

When we did pack up and make our way to Miss Jayne’s, we saw a small parade of little ones heading the other way on the sidewalk, and Miss Jayne was at the tail end. Kids have so much energy, don’t they? What were they up to now? We turned back around and discovered they were searching for shamrocks and rainbows. She couldn’t take all the credit for this adventure and then explained what her Riverside Gardens neighbors, on Grand Rapids northeast side, were up to.

Families were painting pictures of the rainbows and shamrocks, placing them in their windows for families to discover on their social distancing, exercising adventures. The kids were having a blast, already discovering six at that point. Their little innocent faces grinning ear to ear.

The “unity” in their community doesn’t stop there. This past weekend, sidewalks turned into chalk canvases. Oh, the vibrant pictures you could discover as you got some much-needed fresh air. It was called “Chalk the Walk”. Many neighborhoods throughout the country have embraced the concept of leaving positive, upbeat messages and pictures etched on the sidewalk. So refreshing to see!

Also, after taking our temperature at the door, on Monday, Miss Jayne allowed us to snag some video of her little daycare angels painting rocks. You see, it’s a hide one, take one, replace one situation in their neighborhood, now. I am hearing that even the adults are having just as much fun! I highly encourage all of you to embrace your situation; make the best of it and really unite in any creative way you can. Does your neighborhood have a Facebook page? Start one!

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