4:13 PM, Feb 27, 2020


GVSU grad serving his country during the coronavirus

Posted at 9:14 AM, May 12, 2020

While we continue to operate under the governor's executive order here in Michigan, it's good to know that our men and women of the Armed Forces are doing their part to keep us safe.

Brett Stosick is from Alpena, Michigan, but went to college at Grand Valley State University. While he loved his time on campus here in West Michigan, he's thrilled with his current residence at sea.

Seamen Stosick calls the USS Harry S. Truman Aircraft carrier home these days. Right now, the ship is just off the east coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Stosick says they won't come to shore until they get the all clear concerning the Coronavirus. You see, the crew has been on deployment in the Middle East, and isolated out to sea, so, they are currently virus free. But Brett is worried about his family and friends.

"It can be tough being away from home just because we know how our families dealing with everything. It'd be hard for them so it just kind of like makes us worry a little more about things. But on the ship, not much has really changed on the ship just because we don't have any one virus here. So, I mean there's some little things like we try to do like disinfect is every day just kind of keep everything a little more clean," said Stosick.

Seamen Stosick also talked about his time as a Laker and a special message to his family.

"I had a lot of fun memories like going to football games and hockey games and concerts and stuff like that. It's a fun town to live in. I just want to tell my family that I miss them. Say hi to my parents, my brothers, my wife. I have a newborn baby nephew, Little Johnny."

Stosick keeps busy while on the ship, from steering the aircraft carrier to painting. He also is a standing lookout, with binoculars in hand, he keeps an eye out for unwanted aircraft or ships approaching the USS Harry S. Truman.