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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home with these party essentials

Posted at 12:44 PM, May 04, 2020

For once, Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday and you will have to celebrate at home. Sure, doesn’t mean you can’t do take-out from one of your favorite Mexican restaurants, but still, the setting will be different.

Why do we celebrate this holiday anyways? Well, it marks Mexico’s victory over France years ago at the Battle of Puebla. Mexico has minor celebrations, but the United States has really embraced it.

Why not give the family something festive and fun to do? Here are some great ways to throw a social distancing fiesta.


Pinatas are so much fun and there are actually a few variations. The major thing about a pinata is to make sure you have some candy or small trinkets inside when it breaks. Just by decorating a cereal box with tissue paper or even old wrapping paper, hanging it from a tree, you can have a fun pinata.

If you have patience and time, my preference is the paper mache method .


As I mentioned above, there are several types of pinatas and one that can use up those old toilet paper rolls, is the Pull Pinata. You need tissue paper to decorate the outside of the rolls, candy/trinkets to fill them and string to hang them along with to pull the tissue paper covered bottom off. They are kind of like those tiny plastic champagne bottle firecrackers we loved as a kid with streamers that flew out.


A mariachi band sets the perfect musical mood for your fiesta, but unless you live with members of a mariachi band, you’ll have to get creative. Two plastic spoons, dry rice or beans, plastic Easter eggs and some tape is all you need for maracas. Fill the egg with the dry goods, put the egg between two spoons, wrap tape around it and voila! Maracas!


When it comes to the food, don’t overthink it. Sure, you can search Pinterest for authentic Mexican dishes to make but why not just put out a taco or nacho bar, warming the meat all day long with your crockpot?