Michigan State Troopers hailed as heroes for saving woman overdosed behind moving vehicle

Posted at 11:26 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 09:00:50-04

Two Michigan State Police are being hailed as heroes after a medical emergency on I-696 put a motorist and troopers in extreme danger.

The troopers saved many lives just in the nick of time.

According to MSP, a woman in her mid-30s was unresponsive behind the wheel of her SUV.

It was early Sunday morning on June 17.

Dashcam video shows the woman traveling super slow on the highway. State Police also noticed her vehicle nearly being rear-ended several times.

She was slumped over onto the steering wheel, with her eyes and mouth open.

The motorist was not moving at all but her car was, though she obviously did not have control of it. 

MSP Trooper Stephen James had to stop her by using his cruiser to brake hers. Police later found out that her medical emergency was an overdose.

“(She) used heroin just prior to driving; just prior to entering the freeway," James said. "Her use of narcotics and opioids are going to lead to nothing beneficial in anyones life."

The officers and the woman were in even greater danger because traffic never slowed up. 

“If you see the emergency lights, they are on for a reason," said MSP Trooper J.R. Kuza. "Just help is out slow and down."

No one paid attention to the emergency lights or sirens, even while police were performing CPR.

They warn everyone to please follow the rules when it comes to emergency vehicles.