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Posted: 10:39 PM, Feb 04, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-04 22:57:00-05

LANSING, Mich. — In our Michigan Made segments we love to share great people, brands and products that bring together all of the best things that we all love about Michigan.

The MIBeerBox is a new subscription service for people who love Michigan craft beer. Every month we will feature a new Michigan craft brewery and send our subscribers all their merchandise. T shirts, glassware, stickers, coasters, coozies, anything that can be branded by the brewery. Giving our subscribers the experience of having been to the brewery without having to go. Our boxes will also include a write up from the brewery as to what they are about and the events they host, as well as an exclusive offer to our subscribers when they visit. Our inaugural sponsor- North Center Brewing Co is offering all January subscribers a free pint of one of their beers for anyone who visits!

They have all sizes from womens small to mens 3xl, so anyone can join their group. They have 3 subscriptions to chose from. One that is a shirt in a box, one that has glassware in a box, and one that has both.

They also have 3 different packages a subscriber can choose from. A 1 month, 6 month or 12 month promotion. Currently if someone subscribes for a 12 month promotion, they only pay for 10 months- offering a subscriber 2 free months.

This is a perfect gift for the craft beer lover in your life.

In speaking with one of the own co-owners she mentioned that they do a podcast called "better on draft" and it's entirely about promoting the community of craft beer.

A lot of people don't realize a brewery is how a family pays their mortgage, or give their kids lunch money. So we thought we could give people who like to seek out new craft breweries the knowledge of these smaller breweries they might not have otherwise heard of, and those consumers could seek out these awesome under the radar taprooms. Breweries get new customers, our subscribers get discounts to visit these new places and can now tell their friends about this great new place they just discovered .

You can order this order until this next weekend!

Add "Fox47" as a promo code and get $5 off your first box