Michigan legislature moving to limit retirement benefits for public employees in lame duck session

Posted at 10:56 PM, Nov 30, 2016

The Michigan legislature is moving quickly to limit retirement benefits for public employees in the remaining weeks of the lame duck session.

This will affect thousands of teachers, cops, firefighters and others.

The senate is moving forward on closing the current retirement system to new teachers.  It passed a committee by a close vote of 9-8 today and could get a full senate vote tomorrow.

This next is brand new and taking many by surprise.

A 13-bill package was just introduced in the house today that would make big cuts to health care benefits for retired police, fire and other local government workers.  Those will be taken up in a house committee first thing in the morning in Lansing.

Republican lawmakers who control both chambers say these are needed because the costs have become too much for local school districts and local governments.