Michigan lacking Good Samaritan Law for kids in hot cars

No MI law protecting samaritan for saving life
Posted: 9:55 PM, Jun 27, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-28 12:21:49Z

Last year 42 children died from being left alone in a hot car. States are now stepping up to put a law on the books to protect good samaritan's from any type of lawsuit they could face for damaging the car. Michigan does not have this law.

“It’s really kind of strange that you can be sued if you a rescue a animal or a child that is left in hot car,” said Barbra Battle.

“I believe that it’s defiantly a law that should be here in Michigan for sure,” said Christopher Fascitelli.

The Good Samaritan law has been passed by lawmakers in states like Florida and Kansas but not Michigan. It would save anyone from facing a lawsuit for fixing the damage to a car to save a child or pet.

The director of says the law is needed so people feel safe stepping into action.

“The laws really are about the liability protection but also more importantly there about raising awareness about the dangers of children alone in cars also about empowering citizens to get involved when they may otherwise feel like it’s none of their business,” said Director Amber Rollins.

Rollins says she is not aware of any cases where someone was sued for breaking into the car, and advices people to still break the window of a car even if there is no Good Samaritan Law on the books in your state.