Michigan Humane Society heads to Houston to help animals in flood

Posted at 6:31 PM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-05 15:25:59-04

While southeast Texas is still reeling from the devastation Hurricane Harvey leaves behind, efforts to rescue animals continue.

The Michigan Human Society is packing up their equipment and heading to Houston.

MHS President & CEO Matt Pepper said, "In an event like this, there's no borders, there's no state lines and we feel an obligation to make a difference."

That's why the Michigan Humane Society is loading up their gear and heading to Houston.

The group's emergency response team is going to Texas to assist the Houston SPCA with their efforts to rescue animals affected by Hurricane Harvey..

Statewide Response Director Deborah MacDonald explained, "They're tired. They've been working really hard for a while now, so we will be fresh and want to plug in where we are needed."

The team of nine will travel in four vehicles, including a trailer that can hold up to 60 animals.

Once they arrive, the team will spilt into two groups. One will help with rescue, while the other supports sheltering efforts.

The humane society has a lot of experience with cats and dogs, but they will also be helping wildlife and livestock.

Pepper added, "We feel obligated based on our mission to help play a role in the response and relief efforts."

The team will return on the 14th.

They're assisting the Houston SPCA, which has been leading the rescue efforts.

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