Michigan Department of Treasury launches new website making it easier to retrieve unclaimed property

Posted at 4:48 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 08:27:27-04

The Michigan Department of Treasury is making it easier to claim lost or abandoned items (most often money) with the launch of its new website. 

Before, claimants would have to submit forms through the U.S. mail system. Now, it's as simple as a few clicks, the department noted in a press release. 

“The new website is a significant upgrade to the property claimant’s experience,” said Deputy State Treasurer Ann Good, who oversees Treasury’s Financial and Administrative Service programs. “This is a major step forward in Treasury’s effort to go paperless while offering streamlined and efficient services to taxpayers.”

The treasury department collects millions of dollars in lost and forgotten assets from dormant bank accounts, safe deposit boxes and stock certificates and even uncashed checks. It's required by law that these items be turned over to the state to be later claimed either by an owner or an owners' heirs.

Over the last four years, $400 million has been returned to claimants. 

According to a release, the new site allows individuals and business to claim assets through enhanced search options. They are also able to check previously-filed claims, file new claims and verify documents electronically. 

For more information or to check if you have a claim available, click here