Michigan Christmas tree farms experiencing sales booms during pandemic

Posted at 3:56 PM, Dec 04, 2020

There is at least one business that’s booming this holiday season.

It looks as though more families are turning to real Christmas trees instead of artificial ones. Experts believe the pandemic might be the reason why people are turning to this tradition.

Larry Davis, the owner of the Huron Christmas Tree Farm in New Boston, said it's only the first week of December and sales are up by at least 30%.

"Business has been great this year," Davis said. "It’s nice to see people out enjoying themselves.”

The Christmas Tree Promotion Board, a national organization based in Howell, said more people are turning to real trees because of the pandemic.

According to their survey, 21% of people who had no Christmas tree or an artificial one last year are getting a real one this season.

The results also showed that 61% of people surveyed said the pandemic has made them want to spend money on experiences this year rather than things.

Marsha Gray of the Christmas Tree Promotion Board explained, “It’s really a memory making event. So it is more than just the tree, yes they smell great, they are beautiful, but it is also that time you spend with your family.”

Huron Christmas Tree Farm started selling trees the weekend before Thanksgiving, but they say the holiday weekend was packed.

We’re told this is a season for a lot of newbies getting one.

So the question is, "How do I take care of it?"

* Make sure to put a fresh cut on the base of the tree
* Keep your tree moist and watered
* Keep it away from fire hazards like the fireplace, candles or heating vents
* Do not place old or frayed light strings on it

Larry says he sells out every year, but this year, he expects to sell out earlier in the season.

“It’s been a long tough year, with politics, with the pandemic and everything it’s just great to see people enjoying themselves,” he added.

The Christmas Tree Promotion Board says there are plenty of opportunities to get a real Christmas tree.

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