Michigan Attorney General, MSP warn people to stop chasing child sexual predators

Posted at 4:18 PM, Jun 13, 2019

A man in Grand Rapids is taking justice into his own hands by baiting sexual predators online and then confronting them in real life.

He then posts the confrontation on his YouTube channel.

Now, Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel and Michigan State Police are asking this man and others to stop chasing the predators.

Nessel is saying this behavior hinders their investigation efforts and will not be tolerated. She also says they will not prosecutor anyone caught in the act in this manner.

This message is being prompted because of new videos from YouTuber Zach Sweers— who lives in metro Grand Rapids. The videos on his channel “Anxiety War” shows him confronting sexual predators after baiting them online by posing as a girl under the age of legal consent.

Nessel is calling Sweers actions reckless and dangerous.

Her statement read in part “Well-meaning vigilantes not only endanger themselves, but their actions may result in important evidence being suppressed, impeding our ability to properly and effectively do our job.”

The Kent County prosecutor is also speaking out, saying they will never take a case from Sweers and prosecute it.