Metro Detroit's most populated township keeping an eye out for criminals

Posted at 3:52 PM, Mar 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-28 16:04:34-04

Criminals stay out of Clinton Township!

That's the message Clinton Township Supervisor Bob Cannon hopes a new ordinance sends.

He said, "We don't want the bad guys in Clinton Township."

The ordinance will require several different types of business to have a digital, indoor and outdoor surveillance system to help with police investigations.

"I believe we are the first in Michigan to do it."

Businesses like gas stations, liquor stores, pawn brokers, banks, pharmacies, hotels and motels all must comply.

They will be required to have a certain amount of cameras inside and outside, along with a required 30-day log.

"We have to be able to pick your image out, days later is necessary because we want to be able to go back and solve crimes that have occurred in the past."

Mike Elias, the owner of Anthony B's liquor shop, is against the ordinance saying that businesses should be able to choose if they want a surveillance system.

"That's not fair as a business that's going to be more expensive to us to accommodate something we don't have to do right now," he said.

Anthony B's has $10,000 worth of cameras and equipment.

The owner says it there for his company's protection and is afraid the ordinance will rope him into investigations that didn't involve his business.

Elias added, "It's just too much burden on the business."

Plus, he doesn't have have the required system.

Cannon says businesses can file an appeal and if their current system is good enough, they can get a pass.

"I'm out everyday trying to recruit businesses to come to Clinton Township because we are a great place, but I'm telling you we are a great place because we are going to protect you," Cannon added.

The ordinance goes into effect April 1st. Businesses will have six months to comply.

After that, they could face a $150/day fine.