Michigan man's app helps keep track of water usage, preventing shutoffs

Posted at 11:50 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 07:35:30-04

DETROIT — He’s a Wayne State grad, working on getting his master’s at U of M.

He owns his own company. He’s also created an incredible app for the city and now’s he’s working with Amazon.

His name is Abess Makki and he is metro Detroit’s own.

Makki is the founder and CEO of Cityinsight. It’s devoted to helping municipal utilities provide residents with better tools to manage their water usage and costs.

After the water shut offs in the city of Detroit, Makki saw it as a perfect opportunity to provide a service for the city to help it’s citizens.

Hence, he came up with

“I went to them and I pitched the idea. ‘Listen you should make this available to the citizens. There is no reason why the citizens should not have access to their usage, to their billing,’ and they wanted to do it. They wanted to provide those solutions,” says Makki.

Makki created an app, a customer portal that is available on all different devices.

Together, with the powers-that-be within the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, they made it happen. 

The app launched a month ago and already $2 million in water bills have been paid through the new customer care portal.

That is great news and there is more.

Makki has just partnered with amazon, so now you can “Ask Alexa” anything and perform multiple functions related to your city water bill.