Metro Detroit couple stranded on St. Thomas by Hurricane Irma arrives home

Posted at 10:57 PM, Sep 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 11:20:32-04

A Michigan couple stranded for ten days in St. Thomas after Hurricane Irma ripped through the island finally arrived home Tuesday.

7 Action News cameras were rolling when they were reunited with their family.

We first interviewed a family member last weekend. Jessica Ping feared for her brother in law’s life. He was in need of medical attention.

But now the couple has received perhaps the best treatment - some love and affection from their family.

“It was so hard but we’re glad to be back,” says Dave Shand. “There were days we didn’t know we would get back here.”

Shand and his wife Alicia Ping are finally home.

After Hurricane Irma ravaged the Virgin Islands, the couple was stranded for 10 days with little access to food and water, no power and no way to communicate with family.

Shand says how they made it home - is nothing short of a miracle.

Alicia and Dave hopped on a boat that took them back stateside.

Shand, who has survived multiple heart attacks, was without his medication the entire time.

 “I was not in very good shape,” he says.

And that brings us to a heartwarming welcome back home

At Detroit Metro Airport – they were finally reunited with their family.

Alicia, almost at a loss for words, says she’ll forever be grateful for those who played a role in getting them back home.

Alicia and Dave really have Alicia’s sister Jessica to thank. She’s the one who contacted us to try to get them help, and many of our 7 Action News viewers reached out to us asking how they could help get the couple home.