Menards Home Improvement Topic: June is National Safety Month

Each and every day there is something that we can do to keep our family safe or better prepared. Practice fire safety this month with your family.


Have a plan

  • Make sure you can get out of every room two different ways
  • Practice the escape with everyone twice a year
  • Have a meeting place

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • One on every level of the home
  • Less than 7 years old

Smoke Alarms

  • One on every level of the home
  • One outside every sleeping area
  • Test the alarms every month
  • Change the batteries every six months
  • Make sure they are less than 10 years old

Safety first

  • Candles should be in a fire proof container, kept clear of kids and pets and blown out by an adult.
  • Appliances should be in good condition, clear of clutter with safe cords.
    • Always stay in the kitchen when frying, grilling or boiling food. 
    • Dryer lint traps should be cleaned out after every use.