Menards Home Improvement Topic - "It's easy to keep your lawn green"

Posted at 11:57 AM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-14 08:51:38-04

No matter the size and shape of your property, there are a variety of watering methods to help keep your lawn green throughout the warm, dry summer months.

Underground Sprinkler Systems

• Save money on water usage

• Add value to your home or business property

• Lawns grow healthier and thicker because of regular, controlled distribution of water

• Hassle-free lawn watering – busy families have more free time, businesses spend less on costs of property management

• Not as expensive as you might think

• May include rain sensor bypass to give your lawn the right amount of water only when it needs it

Garden Hoses

• Select from multiple shapes and sizes of garden hoses to help with your lawn and garden watering needs.

•Hose reels help protect hoses and keep them in good working order throughout the watering season, plus keep things in order.


• A variety of sprinklers, timers, shut-off valves, watering cans, rain barrels, drip irrigation systems and misting systems will ensure that your lawn, plants, trees and flowers get the perfect amount of water. To maintain a green, healthy and weed-free lawn, combine a fertilizer program with consistent watering as needed throughout the growing season.


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