Men accused of murdering pregnant Melvindale woman to appear in court

Posted at 7:48 AM, Oct 28, 2016

The two men accused of murdering a pregnant woman in Melvindale are expected to appear in court on Friday morning for a preliminary hearing.

Jacob Barnes, 23, and Jeremy Lee, 16, are charged with felony murder, first degree murder, assault of a pregnant individual causing death of a fetus and mutilation of a dead body.

The men are accused of beating 29-year-old Amanda Benton, who was five months pregnant.

Prosecutors say they then drove Benton in the trunk of a car to an abandoned house in the 8000 block of Vanderbilt in Detroit and set her body on fire. They left the scene in her car before abandoning it in southwest Detroit.

Benton was a mother to four boys, and during the arraignment, a fight broke out outside of court.

WXYZ plans to stream the hearing live at 11 a.m.