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Meijer feeding its workers while also helping local restaurants

Catering 250,000 individual meals from local restaurants for staff
Posted at 8:46 AM, Dec 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-04 08:46:09-05

Meijer Stores has launched a new holiday meal program for its workers that is benefitting every community it serves. Every Meijer store or distribution center will serve a meal to all of its workers every week for four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But it’s not just a meal prepared by Meijer, instead, each meal is catered by a local restaurant in the local community, like Timothy’s Restaurant, which just recently catered a meal to the Stevensville Meijer store.

“Last week we did an Asian Hawaiian Chicken over fried rice that the workers really seemed to like. We delivered between 125 and 250 meals,” explained Executive Chef and Owner of Timothy’s Restaurant, Timothy Sizer. “For Meijer to do that, every time they do that it adds another day’s pay to two or three of my workers. That’s a huge deal, it might not sound like a lot to some people but it is to us. We greatly appreciate it,” explained Sizer, who also did a similar lunch for the Benton Harbor Meijer.

Stevensville Meijer Store Director Rob Vassar called this new holiday program a win win. “So he’s getting the sales for his restaurant, his people are working, and our team is certainly enjoying the great food. It’s a lot of fun and the food is absolutely delicious. It’s so nice to have a lunch and you put it in the microwave because they’re individually served, it’s a way for us to ‘thank you’ for working out here each and every day.”

In total, Meijer is having more than one thousand holiday meals catered, totaling more than 250,000 individual meals from its various community restaurants.