MDOT and DTE partner to improve freeway lighting in Detroit

Posted at 6:37 AM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 10:00:56-05

Getting all of the street lights back on in Detroit has been a big undertaking the past few years, and now a new partnership aims to make sure all the freeway lights get the same treatment. 

MDOT and DTE are teaming up to make the highways brighter and safer because of more energy efficient lighting.

MDOT says the move to LED lighting reduces energy consumption while saving taxpayer dollars.

Back in 2015, MDOT partnered with a private company to fix the lighting on freeways and in the first year of the partnership, more than 90 percent of freeway lights were fixed and are now working.

The goal now is to make even bigger improvements - installing LED lighting saving on energy and reducing the burden on tax payers.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley will be joined by DTE Energy's vice president and MDOT engineers later this afternoon to discuss the partnership.