Many public pools, beaches staying closed this summer

Many public pools, beaches staying closed this summer
Posted at 9:40 PM, Jun 08, 2020

LANSING, MI (WSYM) - — Public pools can finally open in Mid-Michigan, but most of them are going to stay closed.

Most public pools are closed for the summer. If you were hoping to go to a lake, that might be a challenge, too. Most beaches are closed including Lake Lansing, Hawk Lake and Burchfield Park.

"I think the pools should be open and the lake. I cannot understand why they would be closed. Water is treated in the pools," said Inez Bradfield who lives in Haslett.

The East Lansing Aquatic Center will not be open this summer. Same with public pools in Lansing and Jackson. Ingham County Parks is keeping the splash pad at Hawk Island closed because it would be difficult to make sure kids are social distancing.

"Kid are kids and that would be tough to maintain. So that's remaining closed as long as that executive order is in," said Timothy Morgan, Ingham County Parks director.

One place you can go is Park Lake in Bath Township. A mask is not necessary but the township asks beachgoers to social distance.

"Earlier in the summer, we had some people that were not and our police officers would just take that opportunity to stop and talk with them about social distancing, but since that time, people seem to be adhering to those social guidelines," said Karen Hildebrant, Bath Township superintendent.

East Lansing plans to open the pool inside the Hannah Community Center on July 13.