Talking with Detroiter charged with driving on license suspended 71 times

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jul 11, 2017

After being caught driving on a suspended license more than 70 times, a driver from Detroit has been charged yet again with the same offense.

Inside a Livonia courtroom, 33-year-old Rafael Acosta apologized from making the decision to get back on the roads.

"When I came out of jail, my record was supposed to be clean," Acosta said. "That's what I was told by Lansing."

Records show Acosta hasn't had a valid license is more than a decade, and was driving illegally during a recent traffic stop at Merriman and Plymouth roads.

A Magistrate allowed Acosta to post several hundred dollars bond, after charging him.

This time, Acosta plead not guilty.

"There's no excuse. I shouldn't have been driving," he said. "I had to drive that day, but I'm not driving now."

His record shows he has multiple violations, including speeding and running traffic signals.

Acosta is due back in court August 15th. 7 Action News will be there to make sure he is held accountable.