Man and his son narrowly dodge bullets during gunman's shootout with Detroit Police officers

Posted at 6:04 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 19:16:56-04

"I was shooting dice right there," said Jaylen Turner about the moment Detroit Police drove up to investigate a dice game being played on the 13900 block of Sussex on the city's west side. And moments later, Turner and the officers heard gunshots.

The officers raced to investigate and found the shooter a block away, armed with a high-powered rifle.

The gunman opened fire on the officers, striking their police cruiser. The officers fired back.

Robert Wilson and his family were inside their home nearby, and Wilson says he and his son hit the floor when they heard bullets hitting their house.

Based on the position of the gunman and responding officers, Wilson believes the 7 to 10 bullets that struck his home were fired by police.

Detroit Police say it's too soon to tell if the bullets that hit Wilson's home were from officers firing back at the shooter.

"I know they're doing their job, but them bullets went kind of wild," says Wilson who is hoping the City of Detroit will cover the cost of the damage to his walls and his son's car that was also hit twice by bullets.

The gunman got away from police. Officers were not injured.

Detroit Police surrounded the house near where they initially spotted the men playing dice looking for Deangelo Davis, the suspected shooter who, they say, served time in a Minnesota prison for murder.

Nine people were ordered out of the house including some relatives of Davis.

When officers were finally able to make entry, they did not find Davis. Hours later, he turned himself in at police headquarters.

Police have recovered the rifle.