Lutheran High School assistant principal will not face charges for alleged relationship with minor

Posted: 8:28 PM, Jun 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-22 14:01:59Z

A former assistant principal and athletic director for will not have charges brought against him after resigning in June following accusations of an inappropriate relationship with a student. 

According to documents from the Westland Police Department, the family of the student who attends Lutheran High School Westland, requested not to file charges. 

In a letter sent to parents of students on Wednesday, June 6, it was announced that Kevin Wade had resigned "as a result of conduct unbecoming of a teacher/administrator" at the school. 

Police documents released Thursday state that the principal of Lutheran High School reported to police the alleged inappropriate behavior between a teacher and student, which was initiated by rumors heard by school faculty. 

The school principal reached out to the student's mother regarding the rumors. The mother, at first, did not want to file a report, but later confided with the school administrator that there were two occasions where her daughter and Wade were found together. 

Those two occasions were on May 11 and again on May 25.

In the first occurrence, the mother said that she attempted to reach out to her daughter by phone. When her daughter did not answer, she tracked the cell phone and located her in the car with Wade for approximately 45 minutes. The mother told police she did not know what occurred in the vehicle between her daughter and Wade. 

The mother of the student told the school principal that there had been no romantic relationship between her daughter and Wade, and that she believed their interactions had not exceeded anything more than an occasional "hug," according to police records. 

Additionally, the mother of the student stated that, "I think they both knew better," but added that she believes that for Wade to lose his job is "punishment enough."

She added in the police report that the extent of the student-teacher relationship may have gone as far as "maybe kissing," but that she did not know that for a fact. 

Police say that based on the statements of the family, and a lack of evidence to support any criminal act perpetrated by Wade, there will be no follow-up conducted by authorities.