Looking for a new job? How to do your best virtual interview to get hired during pandemic

Posted at 10:06 PM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-07 22:06:08-04

An interview is an interview, no matter where you are whether it is at home or at an office. You’ve got to be prepared!

You’ve got to know how to sell yourself as the best candidate but if you’re going virtual, there’s an additional list of things you definitely don’t want to forget.

Virtual interviewing will be a big part of our new normal so we checked in with two experts who can help you leave the hiring manager with a good impression.

"It's a new process for a lot of people," said Ken Huxley from Strategic Staffing Solutions .

Step #1: Test your technology.

Ken Huxley of Strategic Staffing Solutions says you’ve got to check on your internet connection, your audio & video settings.

"Make sure you have a contact number for somebody on the other side so if you have any difficulties you can get those resolved," said Huxley.

Step #2: Scout a good location.

"It’s going to be important to control your environment," said Youtuber Angie of Hot and Flashy .

Popular lifestyle blogger Angie of Hot and Flashy says the best spot is likely at home. Avoid being outside, or at a loud coffee shop.

Step #3: Set the scene!

Don't have a window is behind you, that could put you in a shadow. You’ll want to avoid being backlit.

Have the window in front of you.

A bookshelf or plant always makes for a good non distracting backdrop.

Step #4: Declutter your background.

"Interviewing by video is a little disconcerting," said Huxley. "It’s often a distraction because you can see yourself on camera, so you have to learn to ignore that."

Step #5: Practice ahead of time and get comfortable by doing a couple trials with a relative or friend before hand.

"Even though everyone is staying home you still want to put on something nice that would be work appropriate," said Angie.

Step #6: Dress the part, as if you’re going to a face to face interview.

Step #7: Virtual video or not, always, let your passion do the talking.

"The important thing is just to be yourself and let that come through and show you're genuine and interest for the position you’re looking for," said Huxley.

These experts say you should always default to a computer if you can because it allows you to be hands free, have better control of how you look and avoid phone and text message distractions.

Here’s the Rebound Rundown:

Test your technology

Find the best lighting

Get rid of any background distractions

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