Michigan woman celebrates 90th birthday with party at work at McDonald's

Posted at 4:52 PM, Aug 02, 2017

If you're lucky enough to see your 90th birthday, would you spend it at work?

That is if you're still working.

A McDonald's employee in Livonia was thrown a surprise birthday party today.

90-year-old Mary Brooks thought this was just an ordinary day at work until she got a birthday surprise from friends, family and co-workers.

"I didn't have the slightest idea."

She's been working at the McDonalds on Farmington Road in Livonia for the past 33 years.

When most people her age were retiring, she didn't slow down one bit.

"I can't stay home and look at four walls, how much house work can you do?"

Mary is a mother of four kids, grandmother to 15 and has six great-grandchildren.

Her family says it's a miracle she is 90 since she has fought cancer twice, almost died during surgical procedure and survived a serious crash.

Mary said, "Five doctors told me I wasn't going to walk and I told them they are crazy."

She is doing more than just walking, she's hugging her co-workers and enjoying the attention.

The general manager Teresa Brown explained, "Life doesn't stop when you get older, it continues. It's a different adventure and Mary has proven that."

The adventure continues for Mary.

"Tonight I'm going to bingo," she excitingly said.

Mary has some advice for people who want her work ethic.

"Just go to work and do your job and do it right."

Mary says she isn't ready to retire anytime soon.