Women on strike: 'A Day Without A Woman'

Posted at 9:42 AM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 09:42:47-05

"Mom on Strike" might be a reality in some homes today. Women across the country and around the world are striking today. They say they are taking a stand against gender inequality, racial and sexual violence.

Organizers of January's "Women's March on Washington" are calling for women to skip work, wear red and not spend any money as part of 'A Day Without A Woman' movement.

The one day protest coincides with "International Women's Day". It is the first national action by organizers since the nationwide marches held the day after President Donald Trump was sworn in. Millions of women took to the streets to protest misogyny, inequality, and oppression.

Organizer's of today's strike say the goal is to show the economic power and significance women have on the US and global economies.
"We're asking that you not go to work, again so people understand and see the importance of women because for so long we have been taken for granted and we are demanding to be respected, and that everyone realizes how central women are to the political process as well as to society" says organizer Paola Mendoza.

The strike had an impact before the day even began. School districts are closed today in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Alexandria, Virginia because so many teachers called in for the day to take part in the strike. Teachers unions in Philadelphia and Chicago plan to hold rallies tonight to protest budget issues.

Women who cannot miss work today are asked to wear red in solidarity with the other women who are marching today. Organizers say men can get involved as well by attending a rally, or helping with domestic work and child care responsibilities.

Rallies are scheduled for today in downtown Ann Arbor at 5 p.m. at Liberty Plaza. An International Women's Day March and rally is also set for today at Eastern Michigan University.