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Woman upset after no charges filed

Posted at 6:41 AM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 07:11:24-04

A local woman said her son's ex-girlfriend rented a room in her son's house to several people. It's a home the two once shared. And that those renters loaded up a truck and stole thousands of dollars worth of her son's belonging.

She said she can't get any help from authorities. Frustrated and feeling hopeless she called News 10.

She told News 10's Alani Letang she caught them red-handed and even got it on camera. But when she went to the police she said she couldn't get any action. And although she wants to remain anonymous, she said she believes her story could help others.

"They said there is nothing they can do now, keep us informed if something happens. And I'm thinking why? And they just didn't do anything," the woman said.

This May, her son was away from his home for several months. When his ex-girlfriend rented a room to four people she said at first the ex-girlfriend came to her with complaints.

"She was calling me at all hours of the night telling me how horrible it was, and how bad they were, and they're bad people. And I said ok there is nothing I can do about that, you took them in. And she ended up moving out," the woman said.

And that's when the woman told us the problems started to surface. For example, the dirty condition of the home and missing items

She said "I had to go into the attic for something, and I walked up there and that ice hogger was gone, and I thought what in the world. And then I started looking around and a bunch of stuff was gone so I called the police."

But she said the police were little to no help at all, claiming there was nothing they could do for her son's items.

"Called at least eight times," the woman said. 
"What did they say to you each time?" Letang asked. 
"The same thing, 'there is nothing we can do,'" the woman answered

One time one officer took her to a pawn shop where the renters allegedly took her son's stuff.

"Talked with the dealer and he arranged for me to get back two things, 85 movies, and an Atari. He took them off the shelf the minute I walked in there cause he knew where it came from," said the woman.

After renting that room for about two months, the women said she got a call from a neighbor claiming those renters loaded up a truck with her son's stuff. The women claims more than $20,000 worth of items were stolen but was told that there would be no charges because prosecutors said there wasn't enough evidence.

The woman explained. " I feel horrified because I have a ton of evidence and no one ever asked me if there was any evidence, I was the one that pressed charges. My son was unavailable, and they said they could only speak to the victim" She went on to say, "they never spoke to me or him. and I tried hundreds of times, that office knows my name, If I called they just say 'we can't talk to you'."

We've called both Jackson City Police Department and the Jackson County Prosecutors office.

We will let you know when we get information back from them.