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Woman suing Dearborn hospital after being attacked there last month

Posted at 9:01 AM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-02 09:01:38-04

Surveillance video captures a 19 year old woman wearing a hijab being attacked while checking into a Dearborn emergency room in February, and now she's suing the hospital.

The woman went to the hospital after slipping and falling on ice, that's when an attacker ran behind her and started punching her in the head.

Security personnel and hospital workers were on the scene immediately to apprehend the attacker and take care of the woman.

The assailant had been discharged from the hospital that day, according to reports, he bothered other patients and attempted to wander down hallways.

Security informed the man, if he was waiting for a ride, he needed to sit down and leave other people alone. 

That's when he got angry, and attacked the 19 year old. 

The woman is now suing the hospital saying she has had emotional distress after she was knocked out in the incident.

Her attorney says they also believe the attack was religiously motivated.

The hospital put out a statement saying they cooperated fully in the investigation, and they want all patients to feel welcome there.