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Woman charged after attacking husband, Delta flight crew

Posted at 10:40 AM, Feb 08, 2018

Federal authorities say a woman had to be restrained on a Germany-to-Detroit flight after she attacked her husband and a Delta Air Lines crew.

Camille Krueger was charged Wednesday with interference and assault.

In a court filing, U.S. customs officer James Brown says Krueger caused a stir on Flight 87 on Jan. 14 when she began attacking her husband, and she also kicked and spit at crew members who tried to intervene. Authorities say Krueger had been drinking wine during the flight.

A military police officer subdued Krueger with flexible wrist cuffs, and she was secured in her seat for the final 90 minutes. After the plane landed, authorities say a mask and leg restraints were placed on Krueger to stop her from spitting and kicking.

Krueger hasn't appeared yet in Detroit federal court and no lawyer is listed in the court file.