Woman carried around a winning ticket for 3 weeks without knowing it

CALHOUN CO., MICH. (WSYM) - A woman from Calhoun County is a little bit richer on this Thursday.

The Michigan Lottery is reporting that an 84-year-old woman from Calhoun Co. has won $250,000 playing KENO!

She matched 10 of the 22 numbers that were drawn on July 19, and has been carrying around the winning ticket without knowing it.

"I buy one KENO! ticket every day," said the 84-year-old winner. "I found this in my purse yesterday and had it scanned at a retailer. They told me I had to go to Lansing, but it never crossed my mind that I might have won $250,000."

The woman wants to remain anonymous but her winning numbers were: 08-16-35-38-44-53-57-71-77-80. She bought the ticket at the Family Fare on Capital Avenue in Battle Creek.

"When I got here today they scanned my ticket at the front desk and told me I won $250,000, I broke down in tears. It was so overwhelming."

The lucky player visited Lottery headquarters Thursday to claim the big prize. She plans to save her winnings.

"Things like this just don't happen to us, I still can't believe I won," the player said.