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Witness talks about crash that killed MSU professor

Posted at 6:09 AM, Sep 04, 2018

A witness who saw a deadly crash that took the life of a Michigan State University professor is speaking out.

FOX 47 News' Cryss Walker sat down with the man who says the scene was heartbreaking.

Matt Hill says he went from having a relaxing Sunday with family, to rushing to a ditch to help a crash victim in the blink of an eye.

“All of a sudden we just hear just this loud screech and just a loud bang”, Hill said.

Clinton County Sheriff's officials say 37-year-old Shengpan Lin was at a stop sign waiting to exit Uncle John's Cider Mill when suddenly a motorhome blew a tire, lost control and slammed into Lin's car.

“I look on over to my left and then there's just this RV that's completely in the air off the road and just slams right into the ground”, Hill explained.

The 21-year-old witness told FOX 47 News he ran to help the driver of the motor home, Ronald St- Pierre.

Hill: me and the other gentleman kind of hoisted him out of the RV and brought him outside to the grass area where the authorities took him over.

Officials say St- Pierre was taken to Sparrow Hospital for non-life threatening injuries but the Lin died on scene.

“I walked away from that I didn't even see that the other car was up there,” said the Central Michigan University student.

“I didn't even know that a fatality was involved. I did not know any of that.”

According to MSU's website, Lin was an assistant professor at the university
Since 2017.

Officials from Michigan State University told Cryss Walker they do plan to release an official statement about the professor's death Tuesday.

The Clinton County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the accident.

We'll let you know when they release any updates.