Witness: party was supposed to be a "good time"

Posted: 9:21 AM, Jun 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-19 14:13:46Z

Over the weekend, 18-year-old Drevier Gallegos-Langston was stabbed at a field party and later died in the hospital.

Tommy Warren attended the party. He says he is still in shock about the event and has no idea how things got out of hand so quickly.

"I heard everyone screaming," he said.

Warren was just with his friends when he heard all the commotion. He was one of the hundreds of people who packed the field off Fishville Road in Grass Lake Township Saturday night, for the party based on the movie "Project X." Warren says he knows sometimes parties can get crazy, but never like this.

"Just because there is alcohol involved, that doesn't mean its OK to stab somebody," he said.

Warren told FOX 47 that he's known the party organizer, rapper "B-Pat" for years, and even helped him set up this weekends party. He says there was security at the party, but things just got out of control.

"Its just a tragedy...nobody wanted this to happen, we all just came there to have a good time."

Family members told FOX 47 that Drevier was always happy and was always willing to help anyone out. Warren says although its unfortunate that someone was killed at the party, he thinks people need to stop pointing fingers.

"On behalf of myself and Brandon and a lot of people who were there, we are truly sorry for their loss. Its nothing that anyone could have stopped really I don't think. I don't think its anyone's fault except the person who did it," Warren said.

Police are still investigating and have not released any information about the suspect or suspects. Police are asking anyone who was at the party and not yet interviewed to contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.