Williamston Schools Cleared of Mold

Posted at 4:52 PM, Oct 13, 2018

In a message sent out by Superintendent Dr. Adam Spina, Williamston's Discovery and Explorer Elementary Schools will be open again starting on Monday. 

Dr. Adam Spina sent the following message out to parents in the district Friday:

The purpose of this note is to provide an update on the condition of Discovery Elementary, which was closed on Friday, October 12, 2018 for further inspection due to finding locations with the presence of mold on the exterior of the building. Based on the results of today’s assessment and the outcome of the test results received this evening, the elementary campus will reopen on Monday, October 15, 2018.

The work completed today included a complete interior perimeter inspection of the building. Evidence of moisture was found in just two rooms. In those two rooms, a more thorough check was conducted which included removing items such as a sink, cabinetry, carpet, bulletin boards, and ceiling tiles. In one corner of one room an area of mold, the size of a pencil was located on the cement under the carpet. That area was addressed this afternoon and will be again on Sunday by a professional mold remediation company. Unless I am told otherwise on Sunday, that room will be available for use on Monday as well.

Interior and exterior air quality tests indicated no issues with air quality. This included the two rooms where evidence of moisture was found.

Follow-up work at Discovery will include treatment to the exterior of the building, which will begin on Sunday. Additionally, the gutter system will be repaired, some windows will be resealed, and select areas will have additional caulk applied. These improvements will begin next week.

I greatly appreciate the flexibility and understanding that provided us an opportunity to further inspect the building and ensure it was in the proper condition for our students. I am especially grateful to our facilities director, Mr. George Dix, who skillfully coordinated our response with our own maintenance team and a variety of outside contractors.  

I look forward to reopening our elementary campus on Monday. Have a great weekend.


Dr. Adam Spina, Superintendent