Williamston School Board passes transgender policies

Posted at 7:24 AM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 10:11:17-05

The Williamston Community School district passed its controversial transgender policies on Monday night at the school board meeting, but it didn't come easily.

The two proposals had been discussed by the community at the last three meetings, and parents and community members have spent hours giving their perspectives during those.

Monday, it was finally in front of the board and the gender identity policy was almost tabled for another date.

That's because of concerns from the policy committee chair about language in the proposal, which some parents shared.

"Policy 8011 still allows students, parents, or a combination of the two regardless of their age to self-diagnose," says Jonathan Brandt of Williamston. "We see that as a hue issue when any other medical condition, medicine or whatnot requires a permission slip."

The board did still wind up voting on proposed policy 8011, after having passed 9260, or the access to gender-segregated activities and facilities proposal.

The push was from concerns for the transgender students and the bullying they might experience in the district.

After the votes went through, some people opposed to the policies were shouting "recall" or that they were going to pull their kids out of the district.

They say they're going to look into legal action against the school board and the policies passed at Monday's meeting.