Will water donations be enough for Flint?

Posted: 8:14 AM, Jan 25, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-25 13:14:52Z

Donations for Flint are pouring in from across the country. But with thousands of people without clean water and an entire city of pipes to replace. It has many people in Flint worried if it will be enough.

Volunteers from across the state are working to bring clean water to Flint.

"I wanted to give back. You know, cause there's a lot of people out here in the world nowadays that's doing well and doing well for their selves and they don't give back" said Dana Dozier.

Dozier drove for more than an hour from Romulus to help the city in anyway he could. And he isn't alone. Hundreds of people like him have been collecting water.

For Flint homeowner Shantel Stone, she's grateful for the Red Cross and those donating to her hometown.

"it's doing the job but the question is how long are they gonna have to do that" Stone said.

Like many in Flint, Stone worries if the donations will be enough. But the American Red Cross says those donations from across the state and country are making a difference.

"We've turned it over three times and so we've filled up and empty that warehouse three times" said Todd James, American Red Cross. "So we're talking millions of bottles of water that's probably passed through that warehouse already."

For Stone making sure her family has enough water takes a lot of work and it's something she never stops thinking about.

"If you have a household of 2 or 3 or 4 people in it especially kids, the water is moving pretty quickly" Stone explained. "So you have to go everyday."

The city has five fire station open daily throughout the city where residents can pick up cases of water and filters.

For Flint to get enough water to her house means stopping by several fire stations each day.

"I'm just navigating my way of travel by if I'm going that day. If I'm going down Pearson road I'm hitting that fire station" said Stone.

The city of Flint has over a hundred thousand people and each household is allowed one case of water per station. And for people like Shantel Stone they have to think about every drop of water.

"Are you cooking with the water? You have to remember there's a lot of different uses for the water. And if you're cooking with it, it's going faster than you can replenish it" Stone said.

But Stone says if it wasn't for those that donate she thinks the city would be in far worse shape.