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What's going around: MRSA

Posted at 2:19 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-02 14:19:20-04

A warning for parents with children who play sports- a local doctor has seen an increase in MRSA infections, particularly in student athletes.

MRSA is a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to several antibiotics. Dr. Belinda Miller at Kids First Immediate Care in East Lansing says MRSA usually causes skin infections, but can also cause pneumonia and other issues.

Symptoms of MRSA include a bump, boil or abscess, accompanied by a fever.

If you think you have MRSA, Dr. Miller recommends covering the infected area with a bandage, washing your hands and calling your healthcare provider. Antibiotics are usually required. If left untreated, MRSA infections can become severe and cause sepsis, which is life threatening.

Healthy people with no cuts or breaks in their skin are at low risk for getting infected. To reduce the risk of contracting MRSA, Dr. Miller recommends maintaining good hygiene, keeping cuts clean until healed, and not sharing personal items.