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What's Going Around: Head Lice

Posted: 4:31 PM, May 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-01 20:31:50Z

One upside to the school year being almost over is that maybe parents will get a break from head lice.

Dr. Belinda Miller with Kids First Immediate Care in East Lansing is seeing more patients with the parasitic insects. Lice feed on blood and must live on a person to survive. They're found usually in the hair on the scalp and neck.

Symptoms of head lice include intense itching, tickling feeling in the hair, sores on the scalp, and small red bumps.

Lice can usually be treated with an over the counter lice product from the drug store. However, Michigan is one of the states where some lice may be resistant to it.

Dr. Miller also suggests removing them by hand, or using baby or mineral oil. Removing the eggs or "nits" is tougher. You may need a special comb for those.

To keep you or your child from getting lice, avoid head-to-head contact and do not share things like hats, combs or brushes.

The most common ways of spreading head lice are reading circles, slumber parties, shared beds, and sports activities.