What you need to know about absentee voting before election day

Posted at 11:30 AM, Nov 04, 2016

With less than a week to election day, absentee voters are nearing deadlines for when they can request and turn in ballots.

Major deadlines to note:

Voters can request an absentee ballot by mail until 2 P.M. Saturday November 5th. After that all absentee ballots may only be requested, and turned in, in person.

After Saturday at 2, it will be the emergency absentee ballot window. Voters can request absentee ballots until 4 P.M. on Monday, November 7th.

Voters have until 8 P.M. on election day, Tuesday, November 8th, to turn in their absentee ballots in person.

We will talk to clerks today to find out everything voters need to know in the final days before election day.