Western Michigan apologizes to students

Posted at 7:45 PM, Feb 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-21 19:45:27-05

After a night of violence throughout Kalamazoo, Western Michigan University is apologizing.

"I woke up to a text from one of my family members saying, 'hey are you okay? I was just making sure you were okay" said Veronica Yost.

Yost had no idea there were multiple shootings near WMU's campus and she thinks her university made a big mistake.

"Well these alerts are suppose to notify you when something bad happens and I mean there was one that was close, really close to campus" Yost said.

Just a mile away from WMU, Jason Dalton is suspected of coming to Seeley Ford Kia on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo. It said that Dalton shot two victims. WMU students tell News 10 that they had no idea what was happening so close to campus.

WMU President Dr. John Dunn admitted to the University's mistakes,

"We need to make adjustments in our own procedures to respond to extraordinary circumstances, said Dr. Dunn. "Last night's incident clearly was one."

Dunn thinks the university needs to learn from the situation.

"Clearly, we failed last night" said Dunn. "We will learn from this incident and improve our campus alert measures."

But some students say it's too late for apologizes since the school normally sends out alerts late at night.

"A couple of the buildings over here there were gas leaks in the past two weeks. There was armed robbery down by the rec center. You know they always send out text messages" said Joe Cozzolino, WMU freshman.

Cozzolino didn't find out about the shootings on Facebook.

"I heard from like 3 different people it was multiple people running around shooting people, one person," said Cozzonlino. "So no one really had any idea what was happening."