Ways to make your Valentine's Day less expensive

Studies show that people are not spending as much on Valentine's Day as they have in years past.

Some say that Valentine's Day is too much pressure and finding the "perfect" gift is nearly impossible.

The survey of over 1,000 consumers at offers.com found that the average money spent on Valentine's day is down 2% than last year, but the average night still costs Americans about $50.

That $50 includes gifts, dinner, or other activities. The survey also shows that men spend about $20 more than women.

If you'd like some help with your Valentine's festivities, check out the attached link to a website with a list of restaurants and companies providing deals for this holiday.

- Fun Facts -
Favorite Flower:
• Roses: 48%
• Tulips: 16%
• Daisies: 9%
• Orchids: 8%
• Lillies: 8%
• Sunflowers: 7%
• Carnations: 1%
• Other: 3%

Favorite Valentine's Day Treat: 
• Chocolate Covered Strawberries: 34%
• Box of Chocolates: 29%
• Caramels: 14%
• Candy Bar: 7%
• Candy Hearts: 5%
• Cinnamon Hearts: 5%
• Other: 6%