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Was a house fire an arson or accident?

Posted: 9:27 AM, May 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-08 09:27:39-04
Was a house fire an arson or accident?
Was a house fire an arson or accident?

Was it intentional or accidental?

Police are working to find out who or what started a house fire that nearly killed a couple in Jackson County, Sunday morning.

FOX 47's Alani Letang met with the homeowners today outside their home in the 400 block of Napoleon Rd. in Michigan Center.

The homeowner Carl Hubbell told Letang Sunday's fire wasn't the first time someone has messed with him and his wife's house before.

Carl said last year, someone knocked out his windows.

Sunday morning he was out on his porch doing his back exercises when he thought it was happening again after hearing what sounded like broken glass.

Carl said he, "walked over the other side of the room and I saw two kids running off behind that shed, and off to the left-hand side I see my deck and my barbeque was all in flames."

They were flames he knew would only get bigger because of a new propane tank that was on the deck.

"Get the hell out of dodge," said Carl.

But Carl didn't get a good look at the people he said he saw running from his burning deck.

"Probably teenagers, white teenagers from the back of the head. I was more interested in getting the wife out the house," Carl explained.

When he got his wife Lee out the house, they went across the street to a neighbors house. Carl said he wanted to get far away from the propane tanks in his backyard. Sadly Carl had to leave their cats behind.  "I had five animals that lost, I wanted to go back and get them," he said,

This fire has already been a big inconvenience, but getting their essentials back like Lee's prescription medication that was lost in the fire, Carl told Letang has been an even bigger inconvenience."

Car explained, "It's nothing but a fight all the way uphill. I still haven't gotten any medicine for her I've been trying since yesterday to get medicine for her and she's on 48 pills a day. I wear glasses, hearing aids, keys to the car, and the list goes on."

Blackman-Leoni public safety officers are investigating the fire. Carl told Letang he's frustrated by how slowly it's moving and not having been able to talk with police extensively.

Carl said, "what police? After the fifth call, Blackman Township fire department showed up. I told the guy in charge of the fire department what I saw he said a policeman will come talk to me about it. The only thing I got was a text saying stop by I need to talk to you today."

Carl said he talked to one officer Monday who said the one handling the case was off duty.

The house was a family home of 25 years, leveled to the ground. But Carl said he will now have to be built back up again

"It was a nice home," said Carl.

At this time police told us there are no persons of interest in the case.

Anyone with information can call Blackman-Leoni Public Safety Department, (517) 788-4345.

We'll keep you updated on the investigation.