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Warning about holiday shopping scams

Posted at 11:16 AM, Dec 06, 2018

We're now well into the hunt for Christmas gifts, and its easy to let your guard down shopping online.

So we have important warning about holiday shopping scams.  From sites that will take your money, but leave you empty handed.

Scammers know online shoppers are looking for deals during the holiday season.

"Shoes, clothing, belts, accessories, hats...."

And we're usually in a rush.

So shady retailers are happy to show us ads for fake designer handbags, bogus Nikes, and intimation UGG Boots that they pass off as the real thing.

That discount NBA or NFL jersey?  Probably a cheap copy.

The Better Business Bureau's Sandra Guile says research who you are buying from, and most importantly if they have a real location in the USA.

"Investigate that retailer first.  Do they have a brick and mortar address, are they simply a website?"

And from the doesn't that stink file.  Scam websites with no way to dispute a no-show order.

How do you stumble on them?  Through Facebook ads or a Google search for cheap handbags, or discount Nikes.

Purchase from a fake website, and you'll say doesn't that stink?

Look for the letters HTTPS in the web address, that means secure.

Otherwise that gift may not arrive by Christmas.

Bottom line: It it is not a well known retailer, check the site for reviews, and find where they are located before you give your credit card!  That way you don't waste your money.  I'm John Matarese FOX 47 News.