Walk through a colon at Sparrow Hospital on Tuesday

Happening Tuesday afternoon, you can walk through what Sparrow Hospital is calling "Strollin' Colon."

The inflatable colon will be set up at a free educational presentation Tuesday during Sparrow Hospital's colon cancer awareness event.

It's Colorectal Awareness Month so Sparrow is hosting this event for members of the community to learn a little more about their colon.

Visitors will be able to walk through the huge colon, while learning about colon health at the same time.

There will be educational materials as well as experts on hand to answer questions, plus the evening will feature a free presentation by Sparrow Physicians on colorectal cancer prevention, screening, and treatment.

Information will be available on the signs of colon cancer and ways to help prevent the disease.

The "Strollin' Colon" will be in the lobby of Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center, at 1140 E. Michigan Avenue from 4-7 p.m.