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Voters attend forum to hear from 67th District State Rep. candidates

Posted at 8:27 AM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 08:27:25-04

Tuesday night people came out to hear from eight candidates running for Democrat Tom Cochran's seat in the State House.

He represents the 67th District in Ingham County and is term-limited.

FOX  47's Cryss Walker attended the forum to hear from voters about what they’re most concerned about.

“Of course the roads, everybody's concerned about the roads”, said Nathan Wood.

Wei Wei Kapp is a resident who also came out for the discussion.

“I’m concerned about gerrymandering, mass incarceration rates, women's equality, including you know, uh the right to choose, wages, and paid family leave”, Kapp said.

On the ballot there's five democrats, Brent Domann, Max Donovan, Alec Findlay, Kara Hope and Derek Stephens.

Two republicans are running for the seat, Leon Clark and Clyde Thomas and one libertarian Zachary Moreau.

Tuesday night five candidates attended a non-partisan public forum to answer questions from the audience about their political agenda.

“Well I want to see somebody who cares about the people more than they care about …a vote or not”, Wood explained.

Concerned voters say they came to the forum to learn more about the candidates ahead of the mid-term election.

Jennifer Olson said she’s concerned about human rights.

“We need state representatives who both support people, so there is questions for example about LGBTQ”, said Olson.

“And there's also issues about what is the state going to be doing about the Larry Nassar type of situation to try and prevent that”, Olson continued.

According to the organizers of the forum, libertarian Zachary Moreau, democrat Derek Stephens and democrat Kara Hope did not attend the discussion.