Volunteers needed to help shovel snow

Posted at 8:41 AM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 08:41:19-05

Dax Carpenter has been shoveling snow every winter for as long as he can remember.

"If I was getting paid in cookies I was a happy man," Carpenter laughs.

He isn't getting cookies for his services anymore, but he's still feeling great about the good he's doing in peoples' lives.

"I love helping the city of Lansing residents and the people that we help," says Carpenter with a smile. "It's a great thing."

But right now the Disability Network Capital Area is in need of volunteers to handle all the requests for shoveling.

"Whomever wants to volunteer at this point we will welcome," says DNCA's Kellie Blackwell.

Because those who can't do it on their own, like people who might be too old or are disabled, are in need of assistance.

"If we have individuals that are not able to traverse their sidewalk or ramp, then they are stuck in their home. So that's not fun, nor safe."

It's also important to get volunteers because the city of Lansing enacted an ordinance in 2013 that fines people who don't clear the sidewalks in front of their homes.

"That's a huge thing for them," explains Carpenter. "Many of these people are on a very limited budgets and that fine, nine times out of ten exceeds what they have in their budget."

Volunteers like Carpenter figure they'll make a difference while they still can.

"It means the world to me because I know one of these days eventually I'm going to be there as well."

To get involved or to learn more information about volunteering, contact Dax Carpenter by email at