VOA helps the homeless get indoor

Posted: 9:06 AM, Feb 14, 2016
Updated: 2016-02-14 09:06:12-05

With the temperatures in the double digits and falling, many people would rater be in doors.

"I'm from Chicago it gets cold there but it is actually colder here. I'm not used to this weather. I advise anybody, stay in the house" said Candis Dail.

Those who have to be outdoors working are trying to do it fast.

"I'm just trying to get the job done real fast so I can get back in the heat" said Kevin Lewis, who was fixing light fixtures outside of Sunoco gas station.

For hundreds in the Metro-Lansing area they have no warm place to go.

"It's just too cold out here" said Dail. "Too cold, for the homeless I really worry about the homeless people, you know because it's just too cold."

Volunteers of America made it their mission to get as many people in doors.

"We do this simply to avoid people getting frostbite or dying from exposure when it's so cold" said Patrick Patterson, Executive Vice President of Volunteers of America.

The center usually has its beds filled but when temps drop they bring more in.

"When all of these beds are full then we have to create space in the new hope day center" said Patterson. "We do not want to make someone wait or go through 3 hours of social work to try and find a bed."

The shelter keeps and eye on the temperatures for when it dives. Since the beginning of the week, the center has gone into overflow and has had to use what they had to make more beds.

"You gotta keep people and you gotta keep them safe, until the temperature comes back up" Patterson said.

Each morning they clean up and prepare for the next group seeking shelter.