Videos to help deaf, deaf blind and hard of hearing navigate mental health services

Posted at 2:27 PM, Nov 29, 2016

 Many individuals who are deaf, deaf blind or hard of hearing struggle with ongoing mental health issues, reports the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. To help those in need of help, the department has released a series of videos to help them navigate mental health services.

The department says oftentimes, the mental health concerns are accompanied by trauma and/or substance abuse.

The series includes five informational videos, each touching on a different topic. They include Identifying Mental Health Issues, Accessing Services, What to Expect, Rights and an overview of Deaf Culture.

Each video is roughly three minutes long, and help the viewer walk through the steps needed to take to receive help. The videos include signing, closed captioning and a voiceover so they are accessible to a wide audience, the department states.

“Through these videos, we will be better able to reach more people who are deaf, deaf blind, and hard of hearing to help them successfully access mental health services,” said Lynda Zeller, Deputy Director of the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration within MDHHS. “In the digital age, smartphones and computers can be lifesaving communications tools, and videos that can be shared within the community seemed like the best way for individuals to get the word out to assist their family, coworkers, and friends.”

To make the videos, the MDHHS partnered with Rondocity Creative and deafCan! Of Sylvan Lake, Mich., a non-profit agency identified as a leader for the state’s deaf community. Deafcan! reached out to members and advocates affiliated with their organization to provide feedback on the project.

To view the videos, click here