Video shows fatal police shooting

Posted: 8:47 AM, Jun 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-19 14:13:27Z

FOX 47 received a video of an officer-involved shooting in Jackson County.

Back on April 1st, Easter Sunday, Jackson City Police officers responded to a domestic situation call.

It happened on Chittock Avenue around 1:30 in the afternoon.

What you will see is the aftermath of a domestic violence situation between Christopher Lamar Hall and his girlfriend of 8 years --Heather Jurasek

Jurasek told police, Hall had beaten her so badly the night before her left eye was swollen shut.

When hall left the apartment the day of the shooting, Jurasek said that she asked her neighbors downstairs to call the police for help. One of them did. 
Hall returned home preventing Jurasek from leaving just as police arrived.

"Where is he at?" said Jackson City police officer Thomas Tinklepaugh. He said this as he was stepping out of his marked police car, parked on the other side of 943 Chittock Ave.

The video shows several people running from the home before gunfire erupts. And you hear nearly three dozen gunshots in the video. According to investigators, 15 came from Hall's gun and 21 from officers.

"Shots fired, officer down," said Tinklepaugh.

A second officer, officer Kuhn arrived on the scene, and Tinklepaugh was standing in the front lawn of the house off to the side near the sidewalk

You can see on the left-hand side of your screen he falls and shields himself behind a telephone pole shooting towards the house.  Tinklepaugh was shot.  "I'm hit, I'm hit in the left leg," said Tinklepaugh who was shot in the shin right above the knee.  Hall walked out of the home firing shots at the officers while using Jurasek as a human shield.  Jurasek was shot in the pelvis and two bullets grazed her back. She survived.  Hall was killed after being shot more than 6 times.

Michigan State Police investigated the shooting and the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney ruled on Friday the shooting was justified and stated that Hall presented an immediate danger of death or great bodily harm to the officers.

FOX 47 spoke with Jackson City Police Director Elmer Hitt. He said officer Tinklepaugh is expected to make a full recovery.