Veterans visit Lansing students for special ceremony

Students at Lansing Everett High School got a visit from two local veterans during a special ceremony Thursday morning.

Army Staff Sergeant Jeremy Ramirez is an Everett alum and a Purple Heart recipient. He was badly wounded while fighting in Iraq. Seaman 2nd Class Dick Thelen sailed aboard the USS Indianapolis during World War II.

Thelen says it's important to remind young people about the sacrifices made by our service men and women. "Kids should know what war is all about, the sacrifices a lot of them went through. A lot of men sacrificed a lot of lives for World War II and one of course, for what the kids have today."

Thelen is one of the last 18 living crew members of the USS Indianapolis, which was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine and sank in the Phillippine Sea in 1945. Of the nearly 12,000 crew members onboard, only 316 survived.